Three Easy Tyson Chicken Lunches you can prep ahead for the week.

Three Easy Tyson Chicken Lunches you can prep ahead for the week.



In case you did not know… We have a big family! Lots of kids. Six to be exact. Plus, me and my very husky, muscle man. And you know what that translates too? A LOT of food and a lot of energy to keep up with!

When I say a lot, I mean we HAVE to have a meal plan with the fridge and freezer stocked! Going out to eat with our big family costs way too much to do it more than a couple times a month.  Read more

Thrive Creative Conference – There and Back Again

Thrive Creative Conference – There and Back Again

I am passionate about this blogging thing.

This blog started in 2011 and while I definitely was NOT consistent in the beginning, I am now proud of the community, friends, and following I have developed in the past few years. 

Even though blogging has been around for quite a while now, I think there is a misconception that this can be a “Real” business! It absolutely can be a legit business!  Read more

5 Questions I wish I would have asked my OBGYN with my first Pregnancy

This post is sponsored by Cord Blood Registry, CBR®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 2.23.34 PM

It feels like forever since my first pregnancy! But I tell you what, I don’t think I will EVER forget those 9 months of ups and downs and the fear and excitement.

I headed into my first pregnancy with what I thought was a pretty decent knowledge on the subject of being pregnant and birth and babies… But I didn’t know as much as I assumed. And I realized after giving birth that there were several key questions I should have asked my OBGYN.  Read more

How to Reconnect with your child after school and create Smile Worthy Moments

How to Reconnect with your child after school and create Smile Worthy Moments



I love reconnecting with my children after school. They have had such a day full of new things, friends, activities, and maybe even some hard things.

Reality is… I have six kids clamoring for attention and giving me paperwork all at once as soon as we walk in the door! It can be pure chaos!

After a few attempts, we finally found our groove. And the kids know that I will give them the attention they need after we all unload, settle in and have our afterschool snack.

One of our favorite after school snacks is Goldfish crackers. They love them because they are colorful, packed with cheddar flavor and just fun! I love them because the colors are sourced from plants and they inspire my children to have fun with their food.

I have some really creative kids and we love to play with our food! I give them each a piece of paper to be their placemat and art canvas during snack time.

Sometimes we make fun pictures using the Goldfish crackers.


And sometimes, we get really creative and draw scene for the Goldfish to play in!

Jimmy, 2nd grade, wanted to draw his classroom and school and make a School of Goldfish! I was so impressed by his creativity!

What you can’t see in the picture above is the special conversation he and I had while he created this Goldfish Moment.

He told me about his classroom and classmates.

He shared with me how someone was being mean to another student and he told them to stop.

He talked about the fractions his teacher had put on the board and was teaching them about.

He gave me a rundown on how everything is set up in his classroom and he likes the way his teacher helps him when he gets stuck.


My momma heart was so happy and proud!

A little activity like creating this Goldfish Tale can make the most special moments! If you are looking for ways to connect with your children after school or any time. Create a GoldfishTale together! It can be a picture, a scene, or even a stop motion video! For inspiration visit the Goldfish Tales page! It has some really cool ideas from other Goldfish Fans!

I raise my bag of Goldfish crackers to you, my fellow mommas! You are amazing! You have the time to connect with your kids. You are doing a fabulous job!

Happy Goldfish Moments,


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Simple Steps to Prevent Mosquito Bites & the Zika Virus

Simple Steps to Prevent Mosquito Bites & the Zika Virus

This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Motherhood on behalf of Texas Department of State Health Services.

The mosquito season down here in Texas isn’t limited to just a few months! Check out these simple steps to prevent mosquito bites and the Zika virus.

Simple Steps to prevent Mosquito Bites

We love living in Texas!  

We are so crazy about the weather down here! No more shoveling snow for us! HA! The sunshine is just gorgeous and we are determined to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Read more