10 Things to you can do to Minimize Stress When Traveling with Children


Traveling with little ones can be very challenging. Just about every routine and comfort of home is thrown out the window when you travel and are staying in a hotel or at a friends house. Let me tell you, from experience, that this can be extremely hard on both the parent and the child! Those routines, no matter how small, help to keep our sanity as a parent and help children to know exactly what to expect and find comfort in the familiar.  Read more

Motivating my Boys to Help in the Kitchen with John Cena and Hefty


There is a LOT of work to be done in a kitchen that feeds 8 people every single day! There is always food to be cooked, dishes to be done, and trash to be taken out! With so many to feed and take care of, I am some days OVERWHELMED by the clean-up in the kitchen!

Some days I feel like I JUST loaded the dishwasher and wiped all the counters and when I turn around…. The sink is full and the counters are cluttered with an array of blankies, stuffed animals, toys, dirty tissues, sippy cups, and snack bowls! Read more

Apple Cinnamon & Cream IceBox Cake

Apple Cinnamon & Cream IceBox Cake


I love easy! Simple is my friend. No brainer is hard to beat when you are a busy momma. I am obsessed with simple foods that taste amazing and the kids go crazy over them!

This Apple Cinnamon & Cream Icebox Cake could not be more easy to assemble. The longest part is peeling apples and tossing them in a pot to simmer. It really will be a new favorite in your house! Read more

Get your kids laughing with a Smile Jar and Goldfish Crackers

Get your kids laughing with a Smile Jar and Goldfish Crackers


Have you noticed that kids are grumpier when they have been sitting around playing electronics or watching TV? I sure have in my house! I have been observing my boys as they use their electronic time. When they are or have been spending time staring at a screen they are more irritable, and tend to get into more fights with each other or have a grumpy attitude.  Read more

Motherhood is HARD!!


When people see me walking with six kids in tow I often get unsolicited comments and advice. The most common is “Wow! Six? That must be sooooo hard.” “I could never do that many kids.” “I barely survive with 2.”

People…I started with ONE baby! I had no idea what motherhood was really going to be like. I didn’t realize how much it would change me. And then I had another one… and that was hard. And then a third… and that was hard too. And then we added two through foster care… and we had to adjust again. And finally we adopted another and that was hard. Read more

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