I’d love for you to officially meet… #adoption

Hello World!!!

It’s been a bit since we last chatted. I will admit to you that the past several weeks have been some crazy weeks in the Jackson household. (More to come on this at a later time.) We have exciting and very special news to share with you all! 

**WARNING: An overuse of exclamation points will be happening in this post. It is only a side effect of sheer joy and excitement!!!!!!!!

After waiting many, many months… We can officially introduce you to our ENTIRE FAMILY!!! 

family -10

The adoption orders were FINALLY signed! 

Justin Jackson


Jada Jackson

family -8

Jazmine Jackson


We could not be more thrilled to officially be a family!!!

No more social workers showing up at our house, no more lawyers, and paperwork, and all the heart-wrenching waiting is OVER! 

family -9

The moment we knew we were officially a family was worth the wait.
Foster Care and Adoption is no joke. It is hard work. It is a lot of tears, love, laughter, and gut wrenching unknowns. I will be honest and tell you that there have been moments when I feared I would never be able to show these sweet faces to the world. But, here we are. And now I promise to make you sick of seeing my children! HA!!!!

family -3


family -11


family -2

You will be hard pressed to find me complaining about much right now. I don’t care if some strange flu bug just hit our whole house… I am so happy. Jon and I can not even begin to tell you how blessed we are. All six of our kids are beautiful, healthy, and they are pretty much the greatest kids ever! 

To sum up just how I feel…

family -5

And so World…

This is my family!

Whole and Complete!

And absolutely OFFICIAL!!!!! 

family -4

family -6

Thank you for being a part of this journey. It isn’t over. It has just begun. And there are so many new adventures to be had. Until then…



When you have no idea what to feed your toddler… FREE PRINTABLE & Giveaway

Currently, in my home, there are two toddlers.

Yes. Two little people who are discovering this world at an alarming rate! They are coming face to face with very strong emotions, desire, wants, and disappointments. They are both hilarious and overwhelming at the same time. They are my twin girls! 

Kickin Lime Grilled Chicken-1

You would think that this being the fifth and sixth toddler in my home I would be a pro. Nope. Not gonna lie. I am still left shaking my head and wondering how in the world I am going to get nutrition into these suddenly picky eaters who don’t want to sit still for more than a millisecond or would prefer discovering what it would feel like to stuff mashed potatoes in their belly buttons.  Read more

Greek Yogurt Blueberry Cake with Orange Marmalade Glaze

Greek Yogurt Blueberry Cake

My inspiration for this Greek Yogurt Blueberry Cake was the pint of blueberries and half a tub of greek yogurt sitting next to each other on a shelf in the fridge. I wanted to bake something yummy for the kids to enjoy after school and late at night that wouldn’t be too bad for them and when I looked in the refrigerator for ingredients I saw these two happily sitting next to each other and thus this cake was born. I didn’t want this cake loaded with fat and tons of sugar. In fact, this cake has no oil or butter at all! And greek yogurt is loaded with good stuff like protein and probiotics. So, I don’t feel like a terrible mom letting them have their cake and eat it too!  Read more

BBQ Venison Meatballs

BBQ Venison Meatballs

Venison is one of our favorite lean, low-cost meats in our freezer! Low cost, as in sometimes free from a friend or the cost of a hunting license! (My favorite kind of low cost!)  If you are ever offered by a friend some venison from their latest hunting trip. Please, do NOT turn them down! I promise I can supply you with several recipes for venison meat and your family will not be able to tell that it is venison at all! I especially love this BBQ Venison Meatballs recipe. It can be used as an appetizer or as a main dish for a meal. (You can adjust your meatball size as you wish.) Read more

Kickin’ Lime Grilled Chicken

Kickin Lime Grilled Chicken

It has been a weird Spring here in Detroit. It was warm and beautiful and then it got rainy and cold again. And I am just OVER it! Let’s just bring summer here already! I am so ready for warm days and sunshine. Evenings in the backyard. Country music playing and sweet tea in hand. Warm wind in my face. And the smell of the grill cooking some really, really good food!

My kids are ready for those days too. And even though the last few days have barely hit 70 degrees, we have been outside and getting in the mud! The swing set, bikes, soccer balls, and playhouses are in full use. We are no longer waiting for actually summer. We decided to bring it in by sheer will!  Read more

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