It’s the last day of November!
What a month it has been! 
I sat down several times to write some posts for the blog…
But never finished them.
Instead, I am just going to make a list of all the things I am thankful for right now.
1. My Amazing, Awesome, Totally Blow-me-away God!
Really, He has been just answering prayers and doing some awesome stuff behind the scenes, that frankly, I just can’t even explain! And of course, the fact that He is my Savior is always the most amazing part!
2. My Super wonderful Husband, Jon
We recently celebrated our Seven year anniversary and Nine years since our first date!
I cannot imagine my life without him. I still don’t understand why he even asked me out…
But I am sure thankful that he did! 
He is my best friend and my heart is full with the love he gives me!
3. J1.0
Jayden, my crazy, storytelling, four year old
His energy is overwhelming! 
(right now he is trying to summersault over the couches)
But he has the most tender heart. 
He loves to tell people about Jesus and invite them to “My City Church”
4. J2.0
Being two is not easy….but Jimmy brings his own spin to two-year-old drama!
He wants to be a big boy so bad. But he still loves being babied by mama
5. J3.0
My baby will be six months tomorrow!
Jordan has two little teeth, gets up on all fours trying to crawl and has the most electric smile!
We expected so many complications with him and the pregnancy journey,
But God blew us away with no complications! Amazing!
6. Extended Family
Thankful for family close and family far.
Very thankful for modern technology that allows us to video chat!
7. Elizabeth
Thanks for letting me abuse you… =)
and for all the help you are to me!
8. The City Church
I am so privileged to be a part of this church.
It really is a unique group of Christians that are excited about Jesus!
I love the intensity there is about Christ!
9. Health
We are all healthy!
10. Our new house
Such an answer to prayer!
11. Friends
Old and New!
God used some of them to be a HUGE blessing to us
12. Well…. Everything!
I am thankful for not just the good stuff. Even though it is not easy to be thankful for the “not-so-good”
I have to thank God for every little detail. He uses all things to make my life the beautiful life it is.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas!

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