My Boys’ favorite Super Hero!

What little boy isn’t fascinated by a strong man in a cool costume, who saves the world from bad guys, and is seemly unafraid of anything?! I know my boys can’t resist a cape and mask.

No end of imagination in these guys!

Even Jordan wants in on the action!

All day long I hear, “You be Superman.  I be Batman!” “No, I’m Spiderman!”
I LOVE having boys who have big imaginations!
The other night Jimmy and I were sitting together. He suddenly turned to me and said, “Mommy,

Daddy my Hero!” 

Next, Jayden piped in and said, “Ya, He is my Big Hero! A Super Hero!”
“Like Batman” Said Jimmy.
“NO, like Superman!” argued Jayden.
“Da-Da” added Jordan. (Da-Da is the only word Jordan clearly says right now. He goes crazy when he hears Jon’s voice!)
While there are plenty of fictional heroes to idealize and fantasize about, I am so thankful that my boys have a real Hero example in front of them! 

There are so many things I could say about how this man is a hero to these boys.
A Leader, Protector, Wrestler, Forgiver, Jesus-Lover, Strong, Hard Worker, Intense Player, Smart, Wise, and Soooo Much more!

So, here is to all the Superhero Dads!
(Especially to my own Dad and my Father-in-Law, who are pretty Super to me!)
May you always show your Superhero qualities to our little boys and teach them to be Superheroes!

And of course, Fight all the Bad Guys!


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