Perfect Iced Coffee

I used to like coffee. Then, I loved coffee.
But after my third boy was born…

I enjoy a hot cup of joe in the cold winter mornings in Michigan. But now that it is no longer -50˚, and getting warmer… I am not really in the mood for hot coffee. I was despondent and cranky. I needed coffee, and was becoming desperate for a caffeine replacement. (Diet Coke is not a good substitute for coffee in the morning)

When I discovered Pioneer Woman’s Iced Coffee recipe, my world changed! So simple. So yummy! So Perfect!

Here is my take on it.

Begin by grinding a cup of your favorite coffee. (I am obsessed with Starbucks coffees…)

Pour your grounds into a gallon size pitcher.
(Yikes! Can you tell that this pitcher has been used quite a bit for this coffee recipe? Look at all those stains!)

Fill your pitcher with water. 
Make sure you stir the grounds into the water.
Looks kinda muddy, but trust me… After you let this baby sit overnight…. liquid GOLD!

My sister got this awesome dispenser for under $5! It’s perfect to hold our addiction and keep it cold and ready to dispense!
After letting your coffee grounds steep overnight in the fridge, you need to strain them. You can strain the grounds through a coffee filter, cheesecloth, or I have a flour sack cloth that I use.

Strain away. 
Pour your beautiful liquid into your container.

I really love the insulated re-usable cups. This one came with re-freezable ice cubes! They are perfect to use with iced coffee because they won’t water it down.

I add a little whole milk. You can add a little flavored creamer, some half & half or skim milk. Whatever is your fancy.

I also add a little Truvia packet for some sweetness.

Store your coffee in the fridge. It last up to two weeks. That is if you don’t drink it all in THREE DAYS!

Happy Day!
Enjoy your Coffee!

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