A Weekend of Fun

I hope you had a Fabulous FOURTH!

We had a great time with friends and family and neighbors. There was, of course, plenty of food!

I am working on remembering the “little” touches that make parties and get togethers a little more special. Don’t expect Martha Stewart from me! I only got a tablecloth and flowers together. But I am trying. HA!

My tablecloth was a large piece of fabric that I found at our church rummage sale. I’m so glad I grabbed it! (It’s pink polk-a-dots and I have no girls so… I was thinking I wouldn’t find a use for it. But then I thought… I’M a girl. I like it! And brought it home)

I think it looked great against the brick wall of our house.
The flowers came from my kitchen.  They are nice and bright. And yes, they are fake. You have already heard how I am a plant killer!
We had some of our new neighbors at our BBQ. But our favorite “Old” neighbor came as well. 
Hi Jeff!
This is our grill. Do you think we had enough Meat?!
And here is the grill master himself! 
The men always seem to swarm the grill. Hoping for some samples… 
Jordan was very excited to eat all the yummy food!
Poor Jimmy Wray had a rough day. He got lots of bumps and bruises, spilled his drink all over himself, missed half his nap… But he was a trooper.
Jordan needed to be held upside down by his ankles for a bit while we waited for fireworks. He was not ok with waiting any longer to be entertained!
This shot right here is the first moment all day that Jayden actually sat down! I swear that boy keeps extra energy in his pockets.
Crazy Jayden! (Look in the background and you will see one of Jimmy’s injuries of the day. Fell off the picnic bench. Ya… It hurt!)

We stayed up late waiting for it to get dark and the fireworks to start. It was so exciting!!
As Jayden so perfectly expressed… This was AMAZING!
Happy Weekend-After-The-Fourth!

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