Polk-A-Dots & Flowers Party Decor

I am always looking for big impact, low cost decorations! When I was planning our recent Ladies Event at our church this past June, I knew I had a huge room to decorate on a small budget. I already did a tutorial on the Polk-A-Dot streamers I made.  I wanted to show you my Polk-A-Dots & Flowers Wall decorations that I made from some diaper boxes! (How’s that for using what I had on hand?!)

When I am working on such a large project with many components, I tend to take over the dining room table! (I would love a huge craft table some day… But for now, we will just eat our dinners in the living room when mommy is the Crazy Crafting Lady!)
If you look closely at the cardboard on the table you will see a lightly sketched flower.  I wanted the sizes of the circles and flowers to be random, but balanced. (They didn’t have to be exactly the same, but I wanted the same amount of flowers & dots for either side of the room. I was decorating two walls)
Like I said, this was a diaper box. Now it is a flower.
And lots and lots of circles of sizes. (Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head! Name that kids movie…)
Ah. Progress! Looking a bit more organized. I had a good pile of circles and flowers done.
Always recruit friends to a crafting night when you are working on a big project! (Thanks Kelsey & Liz!)
I wanted to add texture to the wall decor. A somewhat 3-D look. I used 1in. x 1in. squares of tissue paper that I wrapped around a pencil tip and glued over the surface of 1/3 of the cycles

It takes a little bit of time to glue the tissue paper on, but it was worth it for the extra-dimension effect I got.

The flowers and the rest of the circles I spray painted two different colors of pink.

It took two to three coats of paint to get the coverage I wanted.

When I was ready to decorate for the party, I evenly divided the dots and flowers between the two walls. Scotch tape worked great in securing these decoration to the wall with no damage!

I judged the space that I wanted covered and randomly stuck the pieces to the wall.

I think it add a great fun and whimsical dimension to my party!

That wall would have felt bare without those simple Polk-A-Dots & Flowers!

I will definitely be making them again!


Happy Crafting!


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