Take A Load Off

Are you like me? Do you take on the problems of the world and try to carry them around for a while? Even just my own problems are difficult to carry around. It gets pretty overwhelming when you add on the burden of others and in my case, sometimes the whole church!

No one asked me to pick up these burdens. My husband hasn’t asked me to take on the weight of the challenges in his life. My kids don’t get up every morning and give me backpacks full of their needs. My friends and extended family aren’t sharing and confiding in me to give me more then I can handle.  NOPE.  It’s me. I am the one picking it up. And then carrying it around, totally struggling at times with the crazy weight. Sometimes, I barely notice. I have gotten used to carrying these problems around, not even realizing that I am so close to falling over and how much damage I am doing to myself.

Don’t you love how God gives us the exact Scripture to knock us over when we need it?! Totally happened to me this morning! Here it is…

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation. Selah ~ Psalm 68:19


When I first read this verse this morning, it didn’t really mean much… Until, I got a little info on more possible burden to take on… and yep, that was IT! I couldn’t carry any more. My heart and soul just couldn’t carry anymore. And this verses reality and true meaning really flooded my being as I let it sink in and let God have all the load I was stupidly carrying around that I sooooo didn’t need to be carrying. There God was…with me… the whole time… “Want me to help you?” “I can get that for you, Keiki” “That looks so heavy. I know you are struggling. Let me take over.” 


I just picture my little, one year old, Jordan picking up the little plastic slide outside and trying to drag it across the yard. He gets so frustrated and mad that he can’t get it to where he wants. He is barely able to lift a corner off the ground. But for some reason he is determined and quickly becomes a hot mess of anger and frustration. All the while, I am right there. I can easily move that slide with just one hand. All he had to do was look at me. I could take over. He didn’t have to fail so hard and become such a wreck over something as simple as moving a plastic table. (That would be simple to me… Huge and massive to Jordan)

How God must see me like I see Jordan. “Really, You are stressing over THAT? Why I can take care of that with my little finger.” And there I am on the ground in a hot mess of emotions and exhaustion (just like a one year old). Silly isn’t it…

So, today, I am letting God bear me up! He can hold it all. He can have it all! I’m taking the day off from carrying this stuff around… I am Taking A Load Off!!!

….and You should Too!


Happy Load Off Day!



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