Teaching A Dinosaur To Communicate

Ok. So I know some of you are reading this just to find out where you can get your very own dinosaur! Well, I am sorry. Dinosaurs seem to find you on their own. If perhaps you find one living with you unexpectedly, well, hopefully this little post will encourage you. Dinosaurs of course can be difficult to communicate with. All the Roaring and stomping around and bearing of teeth. It can be quite a task to figure out what your dinosaur needs and to teach him how to communicate what he wants.


Meet my little T-Rex. He is a full-blown baby dinosaur! Little arms and teeth. And, let me tell you, he has quite the “Roar”! (And Bite!) Communicating with this little dinosaur has been, well, challenging to say the least.


When you have a child that can’t speak yet, or can’t find the words they need to communicate, it can be frustrating for both you and your child. For almost a solid month all Jordan did was ROAR! And ROAR Loudly! And Often. And Long. I had a headache and he was exhausted. We just weren’t communicating. Actually, we were both communicating, but not in the same language.


One afternoon, I had had ENOUGH! There was only so much ROARING a mamma can take, so I decided to change my tactics and began Teaching My Dinosaur To Communicate.

This was not going to be an overnight task. It would be difficult. But sooooooooo worth it!

The first thing I did to help my Dinosaur to begin communicating in an appropriate way, was to Stop Roaring Back at Him! I mean, I wasn’t loud or yelling or anything, but I was kinda angry and frustrated with him and that was coming out of me when dealing with him. Speaking softly and encouraging him and being as patient as possible was the first step to my Dinosaur  learning that loud Roars were not the best and most efficient way to get mamma’s attention.

The second change I made was to start Roaring with him! (Huh? I thought you just said stop roaring???) Roaring and getting excited in a positive way! My dinosaur is a boy. He likes roaring. He wants to let it out! He HAS to let it out! So, I decided we better learn to a Happy ROAR. When we are excited or happy… That is a GREAT time to Roar! And boy, do we Roar LOUDLY!

Probably my biggest breakthrough with my dinosaur was discovering that he was a very tired dinosaur! Much of the loud and out of control roaring was a result of being tired! And hey, I’m a little hard to communicate with when I am tired! Pick up your communicating lesson after nap time…

It has been a journey teaching this little dino to communicate. He hasn’t arrived yet. He still is very much a dinosaur. His T-Rex nature often wins out. But understanding that when he is roaring loudly and out of control means that he is just trying to communicate, makes me so much more patient and willing to work the the Roars and help him find a new way to communicate.


What do you do to help your little Dinosaurs communicate?

Much Love,

The “Dinosoars” Mom


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3 thoughts on “Teaching A Dinosaur To Communicate

  • September 12, 2013 at 3:53 am

    I’ve started teaching Micaiah sign language. Just the basic need words for now…milk, more, please, i love you and his new favorite…light (he loves staring/pointing at lights he sees.lol!). He’s not consistent yet but it helps with the “roaring” when he can’t use words yet. Weve kinda made it into a game. 🙂

    • September 12, 2013 at 12:09 pm

      I love sign language with babies!!! Jayden and Jimmy picked up on a few signs when they were babies. Jordan just refuses! LOL


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