DIY Matchbox Car Ornaments

We have already started decorating for Christmas at our house! I know some people think I am crazy, but I can’t help it! 

Since we have a MUCH bigger house, last year we gave the boys their own tree to decorate. (I have mine and they have theirs. Hopefully, they will leave mommy’s tree ALONE! HA!) It is so much fun to let them loose on a tree with no worry about breaking anything or looking perfect. But, I had a problem when I ran out of unbreakable ornaments. 

Ingenuity struck me! I grabbed their box of matchbox Cars and some pipe cleaners and went to work. Using the pipe cleaners, I quickly wrapped the cars and made little loops to hang them on the tree. (warning: I went a little picture crazy! hehehe!)

Kids Car Ornaments-1 Kids Car Ornaments-2 Kids Car Ornaments-3

The boys went CRAZY!

Kids Car Ornaments-5

Our sweet friend, Carol, came over to decorate with us! My boys love her and she loves them!

Kids Car Ornaments-6  Kids Car Ornaments-8  Kids Car Ornaments-10 Kids Car Ornaments-11 Kids Car Ornaments-12 

This has to be one of my favorite pictures right now! Such a big BOY!Kids Car Ornaments-14

A beautiful kid-friendly Tree!
Kids Car Ornaments-15

These have to be the best (And cheapest) idea for ornaments I have EVER done! 

What do you do for cheap and kid-friendly decorations?

Happy Decorating!

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