Ninja Blender Review and Cantaloupe Berry Smoothie Recipe

I was BEYOND Excited to open my new Ninja Ultima Blender!!! I have had an older model for a few years and was super impressed with it. I knew that the newest Ninja would be awesome. I just didn’t know it would TOTALLY BLOW ME AWAY!!

Okay. I know it sounds like I am a tad over excited about a blender. But, I use my blender a lot! Homemade salsa, fruit smoothies for the kids, hummus, milk shakes, the list goes on. The Ninja Ultima is very powerful and comes with the large pitcher with three blades for big jobs or if you are looking for a single serve size, it also came with 3 individual serving cups with lids!

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I am one of those weird people that reads everything that comes with the products. Of course, it had a manual, but it also came with a recipe book! (I LOVE recipe books! Admittedly, I read them just for fun and inspiration!)

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First thing to test was a smoothy in the individual cup! 
My favorite Smoothie recipe:
1 Cup frozen Cantaloupe
1/2 Cup frozen mixed berries
1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt
1 Tsp of Honey.

Ninja Blender Review-3

Um. YUMMY! And it was so fast and super smooth!

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Kid tested. Kid Approved!!! I got one sip of this smoothy before it was slurped down by this cutie! 

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What I didn’t know when I received this awesome product, was that it had more capabilities then I thought! It is able to grind meat and mill flour. We just received several pounds of Venison Roasts. I prefer venison ground, but didn’t have a grinder. Well, not anymore! Look how perfectly ground it is!

Ninja Blender Review-6

I can’t wait to try my hand at milling my own flour. Rice flour, Garbanzo Bean flour… I can grind Flaxseeds for recipes. Too many possibilities!

I am not ashamed to admit that I used my new Ninja Blender FIVE TIMES the first day! Made the Fruit Smoothie, Java Chip Frappe, ground two different meats, and whipped up the sauce for Meatballs! 

Oh, did I mention that everything is dishwasher safe? Yes, Yes it is! (Hooray for easy clean up!)

The Ninja Ultima Blender has certainly earned a spot on my counter! There are few appliances worthy of taking up valuable counter space! 
(Don’t mind the messy state of the counter! Focus on the awesome appliances!)

Ninja Blender Review-7

If you have been considering updating your old blender… Don’t spend too much money on other more expensive blenders! The Ninja Ultima Blender is in my opinion, a way better product for a WAY BETTER price!

Happy Blending!

**This post was a review on a product given to me. The thoughts and opinions are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links.**

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