Re-Heating French Fries and Making Them Crispy

We love French Fries in our house. Of course, that is pretty much a given when you have three boys running around eating everything in site!

French Fries -1

We don’t go out to eat very often, but when we do we always seem to end up with a few leftover french fries to bring home. Microwaved-re-heated fries are “YUCK!” (as Jordan says.) My mom told me about an easy and simple way to make your fries crispy and delicious again!
 French Fries -2

Toss your fries in a frying pan. Turn on med-high heat and heat until crispy. The heat of the pan brings out the oils on the outside of the fries and gets them sizzling taking them from flimsy to crispy! Really, they taste as good as they were at the restaurant! 

French Fries -3


YUMMY! Where’s the Ketchup???


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