30 Was a Fabulous Year!

My first year in my 30’s has been quite an eventful one! I feel like I can now say I am a grown up! I really wanted to start my 30’s with a bang and challenge and push myself further in every area of my life. There have been some amazing things that happened this past year. Here is a quick recap.

1. I have a school-aged child. Jayden started Kindergarten this fall. And although he did go to preschool, kindergarten to me is “real school.” This is the beginning for us of many years of driving kids to school, homework, projects, uniforms, lunches, and all that comes with it! It is exciting to watch him learn and thrive in school. Jimmy will start preschool this fall, and before I know it they all will be in school and I will have to do homework to help them with their homework!


2. Jon and I FINALLY took our second honeymoon! We put it off for several years due to me being pregnant or nursing a baby. We spent 8 days just the two of us. It was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable trips I have ever had. I just love being with my man. We made a whole lot of awesome memories. And I actually got a little tan!


3. We began organized sports. I have THREE boys. I know that I am going to have a life of driving from one sports practice to another for many years to come! I loved being able to start with t-ball and get involved as mommy cheering on the sideline. We will have two in t-ball this year. And from here it can only get more fun! (and busy!)


4. I started working as a Blogger, Food Blogger, Ghost-writer, & Virtual Assistant. I have always enjoyed writing and LOVE cooking. God totally gave me the opportunity to work with one of my college friends. What started out as just a few recipes a month has turned into a healthy amount of work! I now work for two bloggers and am determined to make more time for my own blog!

Avocado Cilantro Chicken Salad
I love the fresh Cilantro and hint of Lime in this Salad. It is refreshing, light, and gives a whole new take on Chicken Salad

5. We started the process to be licensed for Adoption! I have always had a heart for adoption and Jon and I had been planning on “someday” adopting children into our family. That “someday” is going to be sooner then what I thought! We don’t know exactly when God will be adding to our family, but the boys are praying every night for their “Baby Girl” who is coming to live with us forever. I am planning on sharing more about this process here on the blog soon!


6. The most amazing part of my first year in my 30’s is looking back and seeing how God worked. I am pretty much grinning as I type this thinking of all the ways that God orchestrated beautiful things in my life. I don’t want you to think that this was the easiest year of my life or that I had the fewest trials, but it was a year to see God big in my life. He is so good to me. And I am confident that the rest of my 30’s will be just as awesome as long as he gets to direct each step and I follow with passion and excitement.




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  • March 25, 2014 at 4:05 am

    LOVE… 🙂 Thirty is awesome – for sure – – but thirty-one just gets better! {not gonna lie… not necessarily easier, obviously! – – but definitely BETTER}


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