Teacher Appreciation “Dinner To-Go”

Did you know that Teacher Appreciation week was last week? (May5-9) I panicked a few weeks ago thinking that I had missed Teacher Appreciation and actually gave a whole lot of appreciation a few weeks early! My son’s teacher and assistant didn’t mind at all though. If you missed out on the official week, don’t worry, I am pretty sure it is okay to appreciate your child’s teacher at any time during the school year. 

Jayden picked out some tulips for them and we brought them breakfast cookies one morning. You don’t have to break the bank to show your teachers how much you love them. One morning, when chatting with one of Jayden’s teachers, she mentioned how rushed she is to make dinner when she gets home. That gave me the perfect idea! I was going to make a homemade meal ready to go into the oven for my teachers to give them a night off from making dinner! 


Lasagna is the perfect go-to delivered meal. You can make it ahead and keep it in the fridge for a day or two or cook it and deliver it piping hot. It is easy to triple a lasagna recipe too. It only took me just over an hour to put three lasagnas together. (One pan, of course, was for our family!)

They were so surprised! It was so fun to walk in with dinner ready to go! Surprised and thankful were the reactions we got. One teacher made it that night and the other kept it in her fridge for the next night which happened to be a planned night with family that she didn’t have any food for yet. WIN!

Lasanga -3

It doesn’t have to be lasagna, or anything fancy, if you are thinking about taking a meal to your teachers. Just double your families favorite meal and let the people that selflessly pour into your children have a day off. 

Plus, you have your dinner ready when you get home from picking up your kids from school!

Lasanga -7


What did you do for Teacher Appreciation this year?

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