A Short Update on Life with 5 Kids (6 & under)

I can hardly believe it has been 7 weeks since went to the NICU and picked up two beautiful, tiny twin baby girls! (Read my announcement post HERE.) Originally, I thought I would give you all weekly updates and keep blogging and writing recipes…. Um…. Well…. That was slightly unrealistic! HAHAHAHAHA! 

I just LOVE their little fingers!

One thing is for sure, that amidst the 16-18 bottles a day, 18 diapers a day, 1/2 a can of formula a day, 5 more loads of laundry a week, extra furniture and appointments that the girls have brought into our lives the last 7 weeks, we have completely fallen in love with them! 

We got a family membership to the zoo and love hanging out with all the kids there as often as we can!

The boys are doing great with them. Jayden, of course, is a really great big brother. He is great at soothing the girls when they are fussy and is always willing to hold one while I change the other. Jimmy is determined to teach the girls to high five or fist pump! And is very gentle and sweet with them. The one who we were unsure of… JORDAN… well, he has been my big little boy and just blown me away with how wonderful he has adjusted and how much he has grown up since the girls came into our home! 

One morning, one of the girls was fussing and when Jayden went to rock her in her bouncy seat and quickly expressed that she was bleeding! In disbelief, I went and picked her up… When I grabbed her, I noticed her head had a little red line, but it was her side that was just covered in HUGE blotches of bright red blood…. (Oh my goodness! This girl is hemorrhaging in her bouncy seat!!!) 
Calmly, I said to myself… “This is not blood… What is it?” Annnnnnddddd my mommy brain kicked in and realized that Jordan had shared his raspberries with the girls and stuffed them all in their bouncy seats! 
I must admit my heart did stop for a split second! (Oh, Jordan!)

As of right now, the girls are remaining in our care as Foster Daughters. They have lots of appointments and a court date coming up. Please, continue to pray for them and for our family as we love on them. I am still working on putting into words what this whole process has been like and the emotional roller coaster of love that I have stepped on.

I can tell you that I am begging God to be glorified in their lives and story. What that story looks like, I have no idea. I can speculate until I am blue in the face and overwhelmed with the “What ifs”…. God is teaching me so much.

I am sure that I will share a lot with you. Whether tomorrow or another 7 weeks from now… Well, that remains to be seen! 

Much Love!

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