Tips for Making School Mornings Smoother

This post is sponsored by NESTLE® NESQUIK® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

School officially started this week! Of course, this brings on all the feels with having all six of my kiddos in the same school for the very first time (and last time for that matter)

Since all of the kids are going to the same school this year, that means all of them need to be ready and out the door at the exact same time too! Let’s just say it is essential to get the morning routine worked out and running smoothly to cut down on the morning chaos.

I am still working out kinks with the morning routine, but incorporating what I learned last year that worked and didn’t work, I feel like we have a great start to the school year.

Here are my Tips: 

Keep Breakfast Simple.  

My kids are obsessed with chocolate milk. When I found these NESTLE® NESQUIK® Super Breakfast at Walmart I knew I needed to stock up. Combined with their favorite whole wheat toasts with peanut butter & bananas, I am confident that every one of them will be full and fueled for school.

Nesquik® Super Breakfast is made with 100% milk and has 12 g of protein, Vitamin A & D and my kids love it!

Pack lunches the night before

Instead of the trying to deal with everyone making sandwiches and gathering all the snacks and drinks and making a huge mess in the kitchen in the morning, we do the packing (or at least most of the lunch packing) the night before. I also get the chance to inspect lunch boxes to make sure no one packs a lunch bag full of candy!

Put Supplies in One Place

I have a bin on the counter that I keep full of things the kids always are looking for. Straws for drinking their Nesquik® Super Breakfast, hair brush & detangled for unruly hair, pencils & erasers for last minute homework, spoons for lunches, and pretty much anything else I see us scrambling for in the mornings. 

Pick Out Clothes the Night Before

It takes just a few minutes extra during the bedtime routine, but it is worth it! I love my kids, but they don’t always make great decisions when it comes to matching their clothes. Ha! I still let them make the decision, but with some gentle (ahem) suggestions. 

I can’t get over how big my kids are getting! I am so proud of them and feel so blessed to be their momma. They were so excited about their first day at school. Jaz did break my heart by clinging to daddy a little extra…

Can’t wait to see how much they learn this year!

Happy First Day of School!

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