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My name is Keikilani (Pronounced: Cake-E-Lawnee.) I was born and raised in Hawaii. (My name is Hawaiian. It means Child of Heaven.)
I now live in Houston, Texas with the Man of my dreams, three pretty awesome boys, and we just adopted another boy and his twin sisters!!! (and yes… That makes SIX kids! And yes… It is a bit crazy in my house!) (I can finally show all of their sweet faces, now that our adoption is FINAL!!!), and two dogs.
I am a wife, a mom, an adoptive mom, a wanna-be crafter, and cooking is my most favorite hobby! (I seriously was addicted to Cooking shows while pregnant with my boys…)
I have a pretty wonderful life! I have been very blessed. But I have also experienced some really big trials in my life.  But most of the time I find that there are plenty of things to be thankful for.
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There are days my life is not all Peaches & Cream or Sunshine & Lollipops, but God has shown me a powerful truth… Everything He puts in my life is a Good Thing! (Not guaranteed to be perfect or what I wanted, but exactly what God wanted.)  My very first post on this blog I shared how God brought me to this realization. I hope that I can encourage you while you are here to embrace the FACT that God loves you! that He is in control and you are special to Him! When I remember these facts I find that I really enjoy talking about All My Good Things!
Grab an iced coffee, sit and stay a while. I love to share encouraging thoughts and lessons that God has taught me (and is still teaching me), recipes, crafts, household tips, kid antics and craziness, laugh together, cry, and build each other up!
I look forward to becoming friends!
Have a Awesome Day!
To contact Keikilani email ~ keikijackson {at} gmail {.} com

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  • May 17, 2015 at 11:45 am

    Dear Keikilani, this was awesome! I have the exact same range and I looked on Maytag and other sights for the timer instructions and as I was doing so stumbled onto yours (divine intervention I’m sure). Your step by step taught me how to use my timer, finally. I am trying it today for my Sunday roast. It’s just me eating it so no concern about guests and something not going right. If you want to get back to me I can be found on the National Association of Christian Ministers sight. My name is Roger Allen. Thank you so much for the lesson and may God Bless you and your family!


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