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Hey there! My name is Keikilani (Pronounced: Cake-E-Lawnee.) I was born and raised in Hawaii which is where I got my unusual name. (My name is Hawaiian. It means Child of Heaven.) People call me Keiki or Lani, but never Keikilani. Don’t know why… 

So since you are here, I am assuming you want my life story in a nutshell…

I met this handsome guy… 
I told him I wanted six kids. 
He laughed… I laughed. 
We had three boys.
And then, we decided to become foster parents and adopt
Our first placements were identical TWIN girls! 
We immediately fell in love and one year later their older brother moved in with us! Our adoptions finalized a year after that and we couldn’t be happier!
Our family is craaaaaazzzyyyyy!!!
But we like it that way. 
Wherever we go, we make a scene.
Not always the bad kind of scene, but sometimes…well, you know…
I started this blog waaaaayyyyy back in 2011, and have now turned it into a business. 
My hobby is cooking. No, seriously, I LOVE to cook! Which is a good thing since I have six kids!  You will definitely see a LOT of recipes around here. 
I believe motherhood is a journey and we moms need to be honest about the crazy life we lead. You can bet your stinky socks I will have lots of posts on motherhood too. As well as many a lament about my laundry pile. 
While I don’t claim to know it all, I have found a few tips and tricks to managing a house full of crazy and share them with you as often as possible. 
If you have been thinking about adoption or foster care, I hope our journey will inspire you to take that first step to loving a child who needs a home, whether temporary or long term.
I talk to so many women who are like me and have felt way to alone and the crazy is getting to them… Let’s change that! I’ll be your friend and you be mine!
Feel free to comment on any post or email me at keikijackson @ gmail . com  or hop over to Facebook or Instagram for a more insiders, unscripted look into our wacky life with six kids! 


One thought on “About Me

  • May 17, 2015 at 11:45 am

    Dear Keikilani, this was awesome! I have the exact same range and I looked on Maytag and other sights for the timer instructions and as I was doing so stumbled onto yours (divine intervention I’m sure). Your step by step taught me how to use my timer, finally. I am trying it today for my Sunday roast. It’s just me eating it so no concern about guests and something not going right. If you want to get back to me I can be found on the National Association of Christian Ministers sight. My name is Roger Allen. Thank you so much for the lesson and may God Bless you and your family!


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