Summer Dinner Twist – Mango Iced Tea & Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Summer Dinner Twist – Mango Iced Tea & Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

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Summer is here! I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by! Here we are in the month of June…Sun is shining, kids are out of school, and we are spending as much of our day outdoors as we possibly can!

I love getting creative when it comes to dinner time in the summer. I don’t like to turn on my stove if I don’t have to. It makes the house too hot! So, our grill and smoker are first options when it comes to planning our menus for the week.  Read more

Summer Rules, Behavior Chart & Schedule for Kids

Summer Rules, Behavior Chart & Schedule for Kids

I have to tell you that the summer seemed a little overwhelming a few weeks ago. But I conquered my hesitations and fears of being over-run by crazy children with a Summer Rules list, Behavior Chart & Schedule for the Kids!

This summer felt super overwhelming during the month of May. I like schedules. I like routines. And summer felt way too open and unplanned for this working mom. This is also the first summer my husband is not setting his own hours. So, a whole other level of crazy-feelings was added on!

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Essentials for the best Summer Dinners

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It’s Summer Time! 

The kids are out of school.
The days are forever long with sunshine.
It’s crazy hot.
You don’t want to turn on your oven… 
All the wonderful things that make summer awesome!

Most of all… Summer means the grill is working full-time!  We LOVE to grill. I am ALL about keeping the heat out of my house and making dinner time simple and delicious with just a few essentials. Read more