1, 2, 3, 4… I Declare A Nerf War Party!!!

When we told Jayden that he could have a birthday party with friends over this year he immediately chose a Nerf Party theme! His new obsession made it easy to plan the perfect backyard party for him and his friends.

Nerf War Birthday Party-8

We don’t have big birthday parties every year in our house. Let’s face it… With six kids in our family, it’s a party every day! Ha!

Our deal with the kids is we rotate who gets the “big” birthday party each year with special guests.
We always make a big deal out of each birthday for each child and make sure they feel very special.

Nerf War Birthday Party-10

A Nerf War Birthday Party

Jayden’s latest obsession is all things Nerf Guns! It was an easy decision to turn his birthday into an epic battle with all of his new friends he has made since we moved here last year. 

At first Jay asked for 45 invitations for all of his friends. Ummmmm???? NO! 

We settled on 25 invitations and we had 12 kids come.

Nerf War Invitations

We asked all of the guests to bring their guns and we provided all of the bullets. Jon found a sweet deal on bullets online that we couldn’t resist. 

Every guest had to wear protective safety goggles during the battles and challenges. Safety first!

Nerf War Birthday Party-16

Our backyard was the perfect place to set up an obstacle course for all of the kids to run. We pulled out all of our moving boxes we had leftover and set them up as targets and let the kids use them to build bases and forts. 

The obstacle course was a huge hit with all of the kids. They loved plowing through the wall of boxes after shooting their targets! Kids love to destroy things, so we figured let’s make it a part of the game!

Nerf War Birthday Party-13

Nerf War Birthday Party-7

They lined up with their loaded weapons and were timed on their speed completing the course. I love how they all cheered each other on!

Nerf War Birthday Party-10

Nerf War Birthday Party-12

After the obstacle course, we let the kids build a fort out of the boxes and stage an epic battle of forces. 

Rules were: no head shots, not close shots, and first team to shoot down the other teams cone won the round. 

The children chose to battle boys against girls the first round. The girls won!!! HA!

Nerf War Birthday Party-19

Nerf War Birthday Party-18

Second round was more evenly matched. And the final round was parents vs. kids. 

This of course, was the best battle! Give your kids permission to come at you… And they most certainly will!

Nerf War Birthday Party-20
Nerf War Birthday Party-22

I believe in keeping things simple when it comes to kids. We grilled hot dogs and brats, offered chips, carrots, and sweet tea for lunch. And I stuck a ton of Nerf bullets into Jayden’s cake to make it officially a Nerf party!

Nerf War Birthday Party-5

Nerf War Birthday Party-30

The kids lunged for the bullets in the cake and they were all licked clean by the time I could take a picture!

I have to say that our Epic Nerf Birthday party was a success and my nine year old, not-so-little boy was very happy with his day. 

Now the rest of the brothers want a Nerf War birthday party when it’s their turn… Which is fine by me. And next time the twins and I will join in on the battle with our own guns!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Nerf Party

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