Hearty and Delicious Venison Stew

Hearty and Delicious Venison Stew

Hearty & Delicious Venison Stew

The most popular recipe on this blog is my Venison Meatloaf recipe. I hear from hundreds of readers who just LOVE my venison meatloaf. I love it too! Venison is sometimes a difficult meat to work with. Especially when you have picky eaters. But I have found a few tricks to take the gamey-ness taste right out of the meat. I knew I needed to share my favorite hearty and delicious Venison Stew with you too.  Read more

10 Must Have Kitchen Tools for the Holidays

**This post may contain affiliate links and I couldn’t help but share my favorite products with you!**
I LOVE the Holidays! I can’t tell you how much time I have already spent thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and all they delicious food I am going to cook. Not to mention all of my loved ones being around the table together with me. There is something almost magical about those moments spent around the dinner table. I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! And of course, I LOVE to cook! I wanted to share with you my 10 Must Have Kitchen Tools for the Holidays this year. I couldn’t work my magic in the kitchen without them. 

Must Have Kitchen Tools for the Holidays-1

1. A Slow Cooker (or two) I use my slow cookers to keep side dishes warm or cook a whole HAM in the crockpot! My stovetop and oven space is limited. The slow cookers free up space so I can make my giant feast even bigger. Read more

The Best and Easiest Slow Cooker Apple Butter

Every year I make a huge batch of Apple Butter in my slow cooker. It is the BEST and easiest recipe. And I actually make several batches… Because it seems I give away as much as we eat! Everyone LOVES my Apple Butter recipe. And they all seem to think that they can’t make it… Which is ridiculous, because it absolutely couldn’t be easier!

Apple Butter

So, if you think you can’t make an amazing apple butter. You, my friend, are so wrong. Grab your slow cooker…. Read more

Chocolate Chip Blondies

There are some desserts you just grow up on. You know the ones that trigger all kinds of memories just by the smell when you walk into the kitchen. I can remember my grandmas house smelling of gingersnaps and spices. I am not sure I can even tell you which spices, but it was homey and warm, just like a grandma’s house should be. In my house up the dessert and “smell” we grew up on were these amazing Chocolate Chip Blondies (Brownies). I seem to remember them baking ALL the time. They are the best brownies!!!

Chocolate Chip Blondies

Not only are these Chocolate Chip Blondies the best they are so simple and easy to make. Read more

Perfect Apple Crisp


There is something almost magical about going to a farm and picking apples right from the tree.
The fresh dew on the apples, the crisp air and smells of the orchard, not to mention the freedom to reach above your head and pluck the best looking apple right off the tree makes apple picking a memorable moment. 

We recently took the whole family to the Apple Orchard and picked a whole BUSHEL of apples! That’s a LOT of apples my friend! We were able to walk through rows and rows of apple trees. Every couple of rows there was a new variety. Gala, Jonathan, Honeycrisp, and on and on.  Read more