Get your kids laughing with a Smile Jar and Goldfish Crackers

Get your kids laughing with a Smile Jar and Goldfish Crackers


Have you noticed that kids are grumpier when they have been sitting around playing electronics or watching TV? I sure have in my house! I have been observing my boys as they use their electronic time. When they are or have been spending time staring at a screen they are more irritable, and tend to get into more fights with each other or have a grumpy attitude.  Read more

A Crazy Fun Way to Encourage Construction, Innovation, & Creativity

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I look for ideas and inspiration for new projects for the kids whenever I am out shopping. While walking down the cereal isle at Walmart I spied the new Kung Fu Panda Po Power Crunch and Berry Colossal Crunch… I knew immediately that we needed to use this cereal in one of our construction projects! You may think that cereal is just for breakfast, but not in our house! It is an afternoon snack in a bag to munch on, a topping ice cream Sundaes, and Construction material. (Say What?!? Don’t worry… I’ll explain!)

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DIY Kids Artwork Display

We are less then a month into school and already I am running out of space on my refrigerator for works of art and the kitchen counter and dining room are beginning to produce piles of worksheets and little certificates of good work! There has to be a way not to be buried by my little ones papers!

First, I have realized that in reality, I cannot keep every single paper or work of art that comes home. I am sure to Ooo and Aaahh over each paper and talk about the work done with my son when he comes home from school. We decide together which ones are worthy of display and when one goes up, another comes down.

I considered, for all of two seconds, using a bulletin board and tacks to hang the artwork. But I have boys and one has to very realistic with boys. They would find all sorts of fun things to do with those tacks. And I may even find their little brother, Jordan, tacked to the board…. Umm… Ya, no. A bulletin board will never do!

I had seen an idea using clothes pins, but I didn’t quite love it. Then I saw some wooden rulers for $.25 each! Can’t beat that. So, I grabbed a few, my glue gun, some clothespins and markers and got to work.

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Polk-A-Dots & Flowers Party Decor

I am always looking for big impact, low cost decorations! When I was planning our recent Ladies Event at our church this past June, I knew I had a huge room to decorate on a small budget. I already did a tutorial on the Polk-A-Dot streamers I made.  I wanted to show you my Polk-A-Dots & Flowers Wall decorations that I made from some diaper boxes! (How’s that for using what I had on hand?!)

When I am working on such a large project with many components, I tend to take over the dining room table! (I would love a huge craft table some day… But for now, we will just eat our dinners in the living room when mommy is the Crazy Crafting Lady!)
If you look closely at the cardboard on the table you will see a lightly sketched flower.  I wanted the sizes of the circles and flowers to be random, but balanced. (They didn’t have to be exactly the same, but I wanted the same amount of flowers & dots for either side of the room. I was decorating two walls) Read more

DIY- Party Polk-A-Dot Streamers

A couple of weeks ago our church and City Sisters group hosted an event celebrating Extraordinary Women!
We had an amazing time together. Our decoration theme was PINK w/ green accents.
As always, our goal was to make as big of an impact as possible with our decorations while spending as little as possible.

I have made these polk-a-dot streamers before. They are practically FREE!
Stop by your local paint store. (We headed to Home Depot)
Grab a large handful of paint samples in your colors for your party.
Use a circle punch. (Michael’s has one for appox. $8)
Punch out about a billion circles!

The key is to have a little bit of time. (Ok… A lot of time if you are making a lot of streamers!)

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For my Sister

Happy Birthday to my little sister, Elizabeth!!! 
Isn’t she gorgeous?! Obviously, this pic is not from this weekend… 
(Hence no 33 week preggo belly!)
Three years ago, Liz decided to move to Michigan. I know that God knew that I would need my sister! The last three years has been some of the most amazing and crazy years of my life!!! 
She will never know how God used her to bless me and my family. Everything from spending nights in the hospital, to moving my whole house TWICE in one summer, to loving and spoiling my boys like a good Auntie does.
I don’t think I could repay her for her self-less giving and friendship…
Liz is a super-awesome crafter! You can see all her sweet creations at her blog.
So, I thought I would try to make something for her!
She is working on making her room look amazing and so I thought I could turn one of my jackets that I no longer wear into a sweet pillow cover for her.
Her room has all of these colors.
This is said Jacket.
Nope. I don’t have any pictures of the process. None. Nada. 
But here is the finished product after I chopped my coat to pieces!

Not perfect. But a lot of fun! =) 
I love ya sis! Happy Birthday!