For my Sister

Happy Birthday to my little sister, Elizabeth!!! 
Isn’t she gorgeous?! Obviously, this pic is not from this weekend… 
(Hence no 33 week preggo belly!)
Three years ago, Liz decided to move to Michigan. I know that God knew that I would need my sister! The last three years has been some of the most amazing and crazy years of my life!!! 
She will never know how God used her to bless me and my family. Everything from spending nights in the hospital, to moving my whole house TWICE in one summer, to loving and spoiling my boys like a good Auntie does.
I don’t think I could repay her for her self-less giving and friendship…
Liz is a super-awesome crafter! You can see all her sweet creations at her blog.
So, I thought I would try to make something for her!
She is working on making her room look amazing and so I thought I could turn one of my jackets that I no longer wear into a sweet pillow cover for her.
Her room has all of these colors.
This is said Jacket.
Nope. I don’t have any pictures of the process. None. Nada. 
But here is the finished product after I chopped my coat to pieces!

Not perfect. But a lot of fun! =) 
I love ya sis! Happy Birthday!