Get your kids laughing with a Smile Jar and Goldfish Crackers

Get your kids laughing with a Smile Jar and Goldfish Crackers


Have you noticed that kids are grumpier when they have been sitting around playing electronics or watching TV? I sure have in my house! I have been observing my boys as they use their electronic time. When they are or have been spending time staring at a screen they are more irritable, and tend to get into more fights with each other or have a grumpy attitude.  Read more

Making A Plan


We are in the second week of January 2014! How did we get here so fast??? I swear time is speeding up!  This year is already shaping up to be a year of projects, trips and all-around-busy-ness. I have already had a few moments of inner terror thinking about all the things I need to accomplish! BUT, I refuse to let those moments overtake me! I have asked God to do some BIG things in our family and ministry this year (not to mention my own personal life). I am ready to WOMAN UP and do everything I can to keep my mind focused on Him and the goals I believe He has given me. 

The questions I asked myself at the end of 2013 was this…. “How am I going to keep track of what I need to do? What can I do to be more organized and more efficient?”

I have a plan. A plan that I am excited about! A plan that will only work if I stick to it! I am sure that there will be adjustments along the way. More of this… Less of that.. But it is a guideline that will help me keep on track. I am a visual person and I also am a PAPER person. I am obsessed with writing lists and ideas and basically everything. I know that There Is An App for That! but I still want a piece of paper and a pen with thick ink to work out what is in my head. It helps me.

I found a few free printable calendars and customized them to my needs. Printed them out and took them down to Staples and had them spiral bound for under $5. 

Here are the links to the print outs I used. Free CalendarsMenu Planning Tools, and Chore Charts. The Ultimate Mom Calendar is the big one that helps with staying on top of the house cleaning and personal maintenance. I really like how it gives detailed suggestions or you can customize it to whatever you need. Organize-1 Organize-2

I also am going to attempt a chore chart for my boys. Hopefully that will help them (and me) be motivated to help mommy out around the house and feel good about being rewarded! 

What have you done to set yourself up for a Fabulous Year?



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DIY Matchbox Car Ornaments

We have already started decorating for Christmas at our house! I know some people think I am crazy, but I can’t help it! 

Since we have a MUCH bigger house, last year we gave the boys their own tree to decorate. (I have mine and they have theirs. Hopefully, they will leave mommy’s tree ALONE! HA!) It is so much fun to let them loose on a tree with no worry about breaking anything or looking perfect. But, I had a problem when I ran out of unbreakable ornaments. 

Ingenuity struck me! I grabbed their box of matchbox Cars and some pipe cleaners and went to work. Using the pipe cleaners, I quickly wrapped the cars and made little loops to hang them on the tree. (warning: I went a little picture crazy! hehehe!)

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DIY Kids Artwork Display

We are less then a month into school and already I am running out of space on my refrigerator for works of art and the kitchen counter and dining room are beginning to produce piles of worksheets and little certificates of good work! There has to be a way not to be buried by my little ones papers!

First, I have realized that in reality, I cannot keep every single paper or work of art that comes home. I am sure to Ooo and Aaahh over each paper and talk about the work done with my son when he comes home from school. We decide together which ones are worthy of display and when one goes up, another comes down.

I considered, for all of two seconds, using a bulletin board and tacks to hang the artwork. But I have boys and one has to very realistic with boys. They would find all sorts of fun things to do with those tacks. And I may even find their little brother, Jordan, tacked to the board…. Umm… Ya, no. A bulletin board will never do!

I had seen an idea using clothes pins, but I didn’t quite love it. Then I saw some wooden rulers for $.25 each! Can’t beat that. So, I grabbed a few, my glue gun, some clothespins and markers and got to work.

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