Why I Am Letting Go of Christmas (in my head)

I'm Letting Go of Christmas

Christmas is that time of year that is all about traditions and special decorations. The familiar smells, sounds, and colors make me feel so warm and nostalgic. The last few years, I must admit, I have been that person. The one who decorates for Christmas the moment Halloween is over! But this year… I am letting go of Christmas… (…at least in my head) Read more

Finding Mommy Time and the Line Between Lazy and Crazy

mommy time

Being a Mommy can be very exhausting.

We have kids. We have a schedule. We have laundry, and cooking, mopping, breaking up fights, dusting, kissing boo-boos, making beds, changing diapers, running errands, wiping runny noses, dishes, more laundry, and a lot more on our list to do every week. It’s a lot. Add to that…most of us probably have disrupted sleep most nights…..which leaves little time for… Read more

Three Lies and the Truth Before Breakfast

Mornings can be hard as a mom. Most days I wake up and immediately my head is spinning. Before I have even had my coffee… I am battling through lies that begin their vicious attack even before I have had my breakfast! 

The truth before breakfast
I didn’t realize how much these lies affected me as I started my day. My days were hard and long and frustrating. I had no idea that three lies before breakfast were bringing me down and keeping me from enjoying my day, my children, my life. Read more

No Strength for the “What Ifs”

No Strength for the “What Ifs”


My mind often gets the better of me. Can you relate? Here is what I am talking about….

You are in a situation. Not the kind of situation you would choose to be in. Probably not a very “good” situation. It could go any number of directions. So, your mind comes up with a thousand and one different possibilities of what is going to happen next and you begin to go a little CRAZY thinking up all the “What Ifs”

Okay… not a “Little” crazy. A LOT CRAZY! Read more

Memory Moments

Memory Moments

There are moments when you are going about every day life…

Ya, know. The boring routine stuff…(take the kids to school, do laundry, wash dishes, do laundry, clean the house, do laundry, etc…)

…when suddenly time seems to slow down you and the world around you gets a little fuzzy. Your heart swells and a smile or maybe even a tear shows up on your face.

You suddenly realize that this is a moment you want to remember forever. You heart is overwhelmed and swelling.

This everyday moment is special. It’s important. 

Memory Moments

I call these points in time, Memory Moments. Read more