How to clean canvas shoes & Toms shoes

Canvas shoes are my favorite! But they can get so dirty, so very quickly. Do you know how to clean canvas (such as Toms) shoes?

how to clean canvas shoes

I grew up in Hawaii. Warm weather all year long. Bare feet as much as possible and slippers (Flip-flops) in my closet. 

I still would rather be wearing slippers or going barefooted in my daily life! 

But alas, it is not always practical to wear slippers, let alone be barefoot at work and all the “mom life” things!  Read more

2018 : The Year of Balance

2018 the year of balance

I can’t believe we are already into the second week of January 2018!!!!

The holidays always throw off our whole families schedule (which isn’t a terrible thing…), and it takes a few days to get my bearings of what day of the week it is and get back into a “normal” routine. 

The final weeks of 2017 were relaxing and I spent quite a bit of my time reflecting on 2017 and thinking about 2018 and what I wanted the new year to look like.  Read more

A Gift for the Holidays for the Family

A Gift for the Holidays for the Family

**This post is sponsored by Cord Blood Registry, CBR®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

The most amazing gifts that were ever placed in my arms were my six children. If you are a mom you know the joy of those first moments with your child. And if you are about to become a mother for the first time your heart is about to burst with love!

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 8.54.13 PM

When I gave birth to my three biological children I vaguely remember a pamphlet about Cord Blood Registry (CBR), but no one I knew had ever done it or talked about it.  Read more

Hauck Sirocco Pedal Go Kart Review

Hauck Sirocco Pedal Go Kart Review

Product and/or compensation was provided to me to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **Post may contain affiliate links**

If you want to make your kids scream with excitement for Christmas, their Birthday, or any day of the week… Gift them a Hauck Sirocco Pedal Go Kart!!! Huge smiles and hours of fun are in store with a Hauck Go Kart.

Hauck Sirocco Pedal Go Kart

It is crucial to my survival as a mom of six kids that I encourage my children to get as much energy out as possible. This means, we spend a TON of time outside! I am talking hours and hours. 

Read more

A “Get Ready for the Holidays” Checklist

A “Get Ready for the Holidays” Checklist



The holidays are quickly approaching and I am working hard at not loosing my mind with all I need to do before the kids get out of school and the guests begin arriving!

I cannot survive without lists! I need them in my life or I will get distracted by “All. The. Things.” around me, calling my name and getting me off track for the entire day! 

This year, I am printing my list and am determined to be ahead of the game and stay on track the next few weeks!


I always begin my lists with the basics.  Read more