A Halloween Disney Store Wish List & How you can make money back!!!

A Halloween Disney Store Wish List & How you can make money back!!!

This post is in partnership with TopCashBack.com.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We are pretty Disney obsessed in our house and I am dreaming of a Disney themed Halloween! I am excited to earn money back on all my Halloween purchases with TopCashBack.com!!!

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As a mom to six kids, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to save a little more on what ever we are buying. Every penny adds up! Read more

Lunchables Organic: A Compromise for your Opinionated Little Human

Lunchables Organic: A Compromise for your Opinionated Little Human



The older my children get, the more often we don’t see eye to eye. Some days call for Lunchables Organic to prove there is at least one thing we can both agree on!

lunchable organic Far gone are the days when I was able to pick out the clothes my children would wear every morning, what they would eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner, their schedules for the day and all other choices that I wanted to make for them.

Now that they are walking, talking, getting ever-so-smarter-by-the-day humans… We often don’t see eye to eye on what their day will look like.

Lunchables Oranic-5
Clothes need to match?

No. That doesn’t matter at all. Let’s go for comfort and favoritism.

My son believes that basketball shorts are the only form of shorts that should ever be worn. Pants are of the devil and should only be worn under complete protest.

If we even choose to wear a shirt it will be one of two shirts that are our favorites. Doesn’t matter when the last time they were washed. If they pass his sniff test, then it must be clean and wearable!

Lunchables Oranic-2
Somehow my schedule is never convenient for him.

He just doesn’t understand why he has to be completely dressed and breakfast eaten before playing on his iPad or with his toys.

He questions the evilness of a dishwasher that he unloaded yesterday that would dare to be needing unloading again!?!?! (I must agree that I feel it is evil too in this case… but don’t tell him!) Read more

Jimmy’s Epic 7th Birthday

Jimmy’s Epic 7th Birthday

*This experience was sponsored by SkyZone. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Hurricane Harvey hit us hard and fast the weekend of Jimmy’s birthday and scheduled party. We had no idea just how crazy the storm would be. Jimmy was so sad that his party at SkyZone had to be canceled, but quickly smiled when he found out we would just be rescheduling!


When it’s your child’s birthday you want everything to be perfect! And while I am not able to stop a hurricane, we were able to make sure Jimmy had a ton of fun at his party!  Read more