A “Get Ready for the Holidays” Checklist

A “Get Ready for the Holidays” Checklist



The holidays are quickly approaching and I am working hard at not loosing my mind with all I need to do before the kids get out of school and the guests begin arriving!

I cannot survive without lists! I need them in my life or I will get distracted by “All. The. Things.” around me, calling my name and getting me off track for the entire day! 

This year, I am printing my list and am determined to be ahead of the game and stay on track the next few weeks!


I always begin my lists with the basics.  Read more

3 Reasons to Add Music to your Christmas List for the Kids

3 Reasons to Add Music to your Christmas List for the Kids



Toys are nice gifts for Christmas, but they don’t last long. They break, get old, or the kids loose interest. Are you looking for a gift that will last a lifetime? Here are 3 reasons to add music to your Christmas List for the kids this year.


As a mom to six children, I am no stranger to the long list of toys on my kids Christmas wish lists. And while I want to give them some of the fun toys on their lists, I also know those toys won’t last.  Read more

A Quick Weekend Away with the Westin at The Woodlands

A Quick Weekend Away with the Westin at The Woodlands

***Parts of this visit was compensated in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

October 21st marked TWELVE years of being married to the Love of my Life! I can hardly believe it has been that long. Time has just flown by!


Here we are six kids and 3 businesses later and I’m still getting butterflies in my stomach when I catch his eye from across the room (above the heads of our crazy children!). Read more

October and Halloween Fun

October and Halloween Fun

How is it already November 1st?!?!

Is it just me or did October just FLY by? 

We are now officially in the swing of the school routine and businesses of appointments, events, and All. The. Things. that come with having a big family. 

I’ve told you before, I am not a huge “Pinterest-y” perfect mom. I don’t go all out on my decorations or party planning or overbook events for the kids.

Easy Pumpkin Painting Craft-15

Truth is… I just can’t handle the chaos it sends all of us into when I put that kind of stress on myself or the kids. 

I have learned that the simple things are the best things! And it’s okay to just do what you can handle! Read more