“My Dad Is…” The Ultimate Super Dad Questionnaire for Father’s Day

“My Dad Is…” The Ultimate Super Dad Questionnaire for Father’s Day

I created this fun download of The Ultimate Super Dad Questionnaire for Father’s Day! “My Dad is…” for my kids and you too!!!


My son brought home a “All About Mom” questionnaire a few weeks ago for Mother’s Day. I LOVED it! His teacher asked him questions about me and she wrote down, verbatim, his answers. They were too cute!  Read more

Happy New Year & Old Year Recap


I have written 2016 instead of 2017 already 392 times this year!!!

Feels like I am never going to get used to it!!!

2016 was a big year for my family!

I started out the year with a One Word Resolution instead of a list of resolutions. FOCUS was my word. I wanted to focus on several things this year and I believe I accomplished my one word resolution!  Read more

Our First Family Photography Session as a FAMILY of EIGHT!!!

Our First Family Photography Session as a FAMILY of EIGHT!!!

This post is sponsored. All opinions are my own.

I cannot tell you just how excited I was to take our first, professionally done, family portrait as an official family of EIGHT!!!! We waited two years before we could say officially that they were ours! I cannot tell you how PROUD I am of my family! 


Our adoption finalized this past summer while we were in the process of moving, so we were unable to do an official family portrait then. However, now that the holidays are right around the corner, I knew I HAD to schedule a photography session for our family portraits!  Read more

I’d love for you to officially meet… #adoption

Hello World!!!

It’s been a bit since we last chatted. I will admit to you that the past several weeks have been some crazy weeks in the Jackson household. (More to come on this at a later time.) We have exciting and very special news to share with you all! 

**WARNING: An overuse of exclamation points will be happening in this post. It is only a side effect of sheer joy and excitement!!!!!!!!

After waiting many, many months… We can officially introduce you to our ENTIRE FAMILY!!! 

family -10

The adoption orders were FINALLY signed! 

Read more

10 Ways to support a Foster Parent or Adoptive Parent

Ways to support a Foster parent or adoptive parent

When we decided to become foster parents with the intention of adopting we realized that we had never been through the foster care and adoption journey with anyone around us. While we knew friends who had adopted or were adopting and others who had fostered children before, they were all out of state. We were happy for them. Excited for them. But not really able to be there for them except thru Facebook, text messages, and a phone call or two.  Read more