The First Steps To Becoming A Foster Parent and Adopting from Foster Care

Become a Foster Parent and Adoptive Parent

When you realize that your heart has been stirred and it is no longer okay to sit by and do nothing…

You MUST take action!

The Foster Care System and countless children who are waiting for a family is nothing short of a tragedy. For years, my husband and I talked about becoming Foster Parents and Adopting and when we finally made the decision to start the process, we were at a loss of how and where to start. 

I have had quite a few questions on how did we become foster parents and start the adoptive process. While every state will look a little different, this is how we became took the first steps to becoming a Foster Parent and Adopting from Foster Care. Or as we called it… “Paper Pregnant.” Read more

Why Make the Decision to Adopt?

Why Make the Decision to Adopt

For years I have heard so many of my friends, family, and random people throw out statements like these.
“We’ve always wanted to adopt.”
“Some day soon we plan to adopt.”
“I have always wanted to adopt, but it’s too expensive.” 
Truth is. I said all of those and more myself. Honestly, adoption is one of the most beautiful and scary things you can ever do in your life. Why make the decision to adopt when you can just talk about it some day happening? It doesn’t take any effort to say someday. The real challenge is to start that process. Even if you don’t know if you are completely ready. Because honestly, when are you ever “Ready” to bring a child into your home, biological or adopted. There are always unknowns and fears and doubts. But it is worth pushing through those feelings to begin the beautiful and hard journey of adoption. Read more

Not a Superhero or a Saint – I’m a Foster Parent

Since becoming a Licensed Foster Parent last April, we have received a huge range of compliments, blessings, admiration, commendation and a whole bunch of strange comments that I am not sure I would classify as good or bad. Strangers, family, friends…they all responded with shock and awe when discovering our intention to open our home to someone else’s children. 

Foster Care and Foster Parents

I discovered that Foster Care in general has a very harsh view of the children and a ridiculous view of the Foster Parents. I just want to focus on the view of the Foster Parent for this article.  Read more

A Short Update on Life with 5 Kids (6 & under)

A Short Update on Life with 5 Kids (6 & under)

I can hardly believe it has been 7 weeks since went to the NICU and picked up two beautiful, tiny twin baby girls! (Read my announcement post HERE.) Originally, I thought I would give you all weekly updates and keep blogging and writing recipes…. Um…. Well…. That was slightly unrealistic! HAHAHAHAHA! 

I just LOVE their little fingers!

One thing is for sure, that amidst the 16-18 bottles a day, Read more

10 Little Fingers & 10 Little Toes (x2)

10 Little Fingers & 10 Little Toes (x2)

As many of you know, we recently became licensed to be Foster parents with the intentions of adopting through the foster care system here in Michigan (check out our Paper Pregnant post!) Although we have been blessed with three amazing little bio boys of our own, we have seen an obvious burden from God to keep growing our family. 

Since our license was opened in April, we began receiving calls and hearing about the desperate need for little boys and girls who are neglected, abused, abandoned, and desperate for love and a family. Sometimes temporary and sometimes forever.

10 little toes-3

So, here we are… It’s Friday, 9 pm, as I am writing this, and we just hit the 24 hour mark of having two very special little girls in our home and wriggling their way into our hearts!!! We got the call for twin 3 week old girls on Wednesday and we knew right away that God wanted us to say yes. 

10 little toes-1

I can’t answer your questions. I can’t tell you how long they will be with us. I can’t share with you everything about their story. But I can tell you about the love we hope to show them every moment they are with us. 

I can show you little feet and tiny little hands… And you can just imagine how precious these babies are… and you are RIGHT!!! They are certainly are! 

10 little toes-2

Pray for these little sweet babies. Pray for the hundreds of little hearts just in Michigan that need unselfish love. We really appreciate your prayers! And we promise to keep you updated about these 10 little fingers and 10 little toes (x2) and our little family as it grows!

“Another Memory Moment”



We Are Paper Pregnant!

We Are Paper Pregnant!

Paper Pregnant

We recently began letting our friends and family know that we are in the process of adopting a little girl into our family. Some are still hearing the news and there has been a FLOOD of questions. Everyone is so excited for us. We are really excited too! To try to make it a bit easier, I am going to try to answer some of those questions in this post and give updates as well here. Read more