Five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

gift ideas for mom

I hear quite often that mom’s are hard to buy for. Really? Are we really that difficult to understand? 

Does wanting an endless supply of coffee, yoga pants for every day of the week, a housekeeper and on-call babysitter really to much to ask for? 

Okay. So maybe we just need to be realistic. 

Yes. I know that Valentine’s Day seems to be just another one of those “commercialized” holidays. And we seemed to just have come down off of the crazy holiday love from Christmas and New Years. But it is OKAY to find an excuse to love on your loved ones and spoil them a bit!  Read more

Get on the Learning Train with VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train (plus Giveaway)

Playtime learning with VTech

One of the best parts of being a mom is watching your children discover the world. Seeing the eyes of my babies light up as they discover new and exciting things that honestly, I myself take for granted. Things like, colors, and songs, and lights, and rolling wheels. All SUPER fascinating to a little one. 

Playtime learning with VTech -1

I think playtime learning is the best kind of learning for children. Providing little ones with the toys that encourage imagination and discovery is so important. My two little twin girls (who are turning 18 months!!!) are just blossoming with all kinds of new and exciting discoveries. Their vocabulary is just exploding with new words. “I Stuck” “Socks” “Bobble” (Bottle) “Drink” and More! Read more

Cerulean Cooling Gel Pillow Giveaway

Are you thinking of a new pillow for Christmas like I am? Seriously, I want a new pillow!!! Most of us have seen or used memory foam pillows, but have you seen gel ones? Katrina over at Top Notch Material had a chance to review a Cerulean Bubbles Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow. Go check out what she had to say about it.

pillow giveaway

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Boo Boo Monster Bandage Prize Pack Giveaway

This summer we went through boxes (and I do mean BOXES) of bandages! With all of my kids being as crazy and full of energy as they are… well, let’s just say that we daily had “boo-boos” that needed loving. Of course…they had to be colorful and fun bandages!

Who doesn’t like fun bandages right? Have fun with the Boo Boo Monster gang! My friend, Katrina over at Top Notch Material got to check some out and wanted to share this fun giveaway. Go see what she thought! And then enter to win!!!

monster giveaway

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