I didn’t make homemade Valentine’s cards & I’m still an AWESOME Mom!

I didn't make homemade Valentine's cards & I'm still an AWESOME Mom!

There is a lot of “Mom Pressure” out here on the world wide web. Pinterest has stepped up it up a notch with all of their tutorials, and ideas and millions of perfectly styled and created crafty-crafts. Don’t get me wrong…. I love Pinterest! I am ALL about a good pin! (If you want to follow me and my pinning on Pinterest… Follow me HERE!Frankly, sometimes, I just feel a lot of pressure to keep up with all those Pinterest pins and mommies who seem to have time to hand create 6 dozen treats and cards. I have oooed and awed and drooled over your beautiful cute little sayings and cleverly added candies. They are just, well, awesome, adorable, and downright darling! I even pinned a few, thinking that I would squeeze in a few extra hours in working on the best Valentine’s Day cards my kids have ever seen.

Alas….Reality…  Read more

Creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your guy when he thinks it is kinda stupid

Creative ways to celebrate

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you may find yourself frustrated by your sweetheart who just feels that Valentine’s Day is kinda…well, stupid. There are some men out that who just really don’t care for this holiday. Let’s face it. It really is a woman’s holiday. Many feel that this holiday is heavily commercialized. And while you can still enjoy it and embrace Valentine’s Day for the opportunity it brings to show the one you love just how much they mean to you. You can also get creative with gifts for the ones who just think Valentine’s Day is silly.  Read more

Five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

gift ideas for mom

I hear quite often that mom’s are hard to buy for. Really? Are we really that difficult to understand? 

Does wanting an endless supply of coffee, yoga pants for every day of the week, a housekeeper and on-call babysitter really to much to ask for? 

Okay. So maybe we just need to be realistic. 

Yes. I know that Valentine’s Day seems to be just another one of those “commercialized” holidays. And we seemed to just have come down off of the crazy holiday love from Christmas and New Years. But it is OKAY to find an excuse to love on your loved ones and spoil them a bit!  Read more

My Routines have Ruined Me and I am Ruined without my Routines – Confessions of a Tired Mom

Our Thanksgiving Holiday was a success! Everyone had a fun day with friends and family. We all ended the day with very full bellies. We saw Santa Claus over the weekend. Did a little Christmas List shopping. Watched a few holiday movies. And made an extremely HUGE mess! 


I love the Holidays. But the thing I don’t love… The mess. The clean-up. The lack of routine. And getting back into the routine after it is all said and done. 

Since we have six kids in our family, as well as a busy schedule, we often get asked what the secret to our sanity is. (Sanity, of course, being a relative term) And honestly, it’s our routines. Bedtime routine, cleanup, meal times, morning routine, and general expectations that keep our home running (craziness and all). Not to say that the routines mandate our day, but the consistency allows both myself and the kids to keep our frustrations in check. 


Then the holidays come… And it all goes out the window! And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed my week of cooking and relaxing. I did some Netflix binge watching. Snuggled with my kids instead of unloading the dishwasher. Stayed up late, and allowed quite a bit of sugary indulgence by both myself and my littles. It was nice. Aaaaaaaand not-so-nice.  Read more

10 Must Have Kitchen Tools for the Holidays

**This post may contain affiliate links and I couldn’t help but share my favorite products with you!**
I LOVE the Holidays! I can’t tell you how much time I have already spent thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and all they delicious food I am going to cook. Not to mention all of my loved ones being around the table together with me. There is something almost magical about those moments spent around the dinner table. I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! And of course, I LOVE to cook! I wanted to share with you my 10 Must Have Kitchen Tools for the Holidays this year. I couldn’t work my magic in the kitchen without them. 

Must Have Kitchen Tools for the Holidays-1

1. A Slow Cooker (or two) I use my slow cookers to keep side dishes warm or cook a whole HAM in the crockpot! My stovetop and oven space is limited. The slow cookers free up space so I can make my giant feast even bigger. Read more