Summer Rules, Behavior Chart & Schedule for Kids

Summer Rules, Behavior Chart & Schedule for Kids

I have to tell you that the summer seemed a little overwhelming a few weeks ago. But I conquered my hesitations and fears of being over-run by crazy children with a Summer Rules list, Behavior Chart & Schedule for the Kids!

This summer felt super overwhelming during the month of May. I like schedules. I like routines. And summer felt way too open and unplanned for this working mom. This is also the first summer my husband is not setting his own hours. So, a whole other level of crazy-feelings was added on!

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Essentials for the best Summer Dinners

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It’s Summer Time! 

The kids are out of school.
The days are forever long with sunshine.
It’s crazy hot.
You don’t want to turn on your oven… 
All the wonderful things that make summer awesome!

Most of all… Summer means the grill is working full-time!  We LOVE to grill. I am ALL about keeping the heat out of my house and making dinner time simple and delicious with just a few essentials. Read more

5 Coffee Hacks for Moms & Mocha Affogato Recipe

5 Coffee Hacks for Moms & Mocha Affogato Recipe

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Let’s all join in solidarity and raise our cups of coffee to all the moms who survive the Mom Life because of coffee!!!

I’ve always enjoyed cup of coffee, latte, or frappe on occasion. The smell of coffee is something wondrous!

But… When I had kids…. Coffee became a necessary ingredient of the day and lead me to a coffee addiction of epic proportions! 

I have learned a couple of “Coffee Hacks” that every mom needs to know!

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Our first experience with BULLYING … and how we Responded

I made it almost 10 years… Almost 10 years without my children experiencing bullying. 

It should have been longer. 

9 years old is too young to be torn down by other children. To feel the sting and the pain of rejection, humiliation, and deep sadness. 

But it happened. And while it was really the first time one of my children experienced bullying, I am positive that it won’t be the last time.  Read more

5 Questions I wish I would have asked my OBGYN with my first Pregnancy

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Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 2.23.34 PM

It feels like forever since my first pregnancy! But I tell you what, I don’t think I will EVER forget those 9 months of ups and downs and the fear and excitement.

I headed into my first pregnancy with what I thought was a pretty decent knowledge on the subject of being pregnant and birth and babies… But I didn’t know as much as I assumed. And I realized after giving birth that there were several key questions I should have asked my OBGYN.  Read more