A Gift for the Holidays for the Family

A Gift for the Holidays for the Family

**This post is sponsored by Cord Blood Registry, CBR®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

The most amazing gifts that were ever placed in my arms were my six children. If you are a mom you know the joy of those first moments with your child. And if you are about to become a mother for the first time your heart is about to burst with love!

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When I gave birth to my three biological children I vaguely remember a pamphlet about Cord Blood Registry (CBR), but no one I knew had ever done it or talked about it.  Read more

Gift Mom a Night off with Coca-Cola & Kroger Fresh Ready to Heat Pizza

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The holidays are a perfect time to gift mom a night off!!! Kroger makes it so easy with their Fresh Ready-to-Heat Pizza and a Coca-Cola™. The whole family is happy and mom gets to put her feet up for a bit!

Gift mom a night off

Halloween came and we hit the ground running for the holiday season! If you are a mom, you know that from Halloween till the kids go back to school after New Years you have a list a mile long and a calendar so full you need an assistant to keep up with it!

Let’s not even talk about the fact that this is also the season of getting nasty viruses, coughs, colds and the crazy exhaustion that the kids feel just as much as you do!

I believe it’s safe to say, that while we as moms absolutely love the holiday season… it can be quite exhausting to keep up with!


Just this past week, we have had doctor appointments, school programs, after-school activities, events, seeing Santa, decorations to put up, house to clean for company, Christmas present shopping, 1,000 trips to the grocery store and a whole bunch of other things my brain just can’t remember!


Please, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining! I love this crazy season with my children. They find so much magic in seeing the lights on our Christmas tree and putting the star on top. I am giddy with excitement over some of the toys I will be gifting them for Christmas. And I just about balled my eyes out at the girl’s little Christmas program, they were just too adorable!


But…. When my husband suggested I needed a night off… I am pretty sure I did a little happy dance!

My night off did NOT even make a scratch in our tight holiday budget. Want to know my secret?

Kroger loyalty members can purchase a fresh, ready-to-heat pizza at a hot price point for $5.99 and save $1 off a 1.25:L Coca-Cola™ beverage or 1L DASANI® (making the drink nearly free)! (valid through 12/3/17 – 1/3/18)

Gift Mom a Night off with Coca-Cola & Kroger Fresh Ready to Heat Pizza

It’s such an amazing deal! We bought three pizzas for our big family!

You have no idea how much it means to a mom to have a night where the kitchen doesn’t have to be a disaster zone and the constant “What’s for dinner?” question doesn’t get asked a thousand times!


My husband even got the big boys to join in and help him with my night off. They even served me dinner on the couch.


We watched a Christmas movie after dinner and then my husband put the kids to bed. It was just wonderful!

If you are a mom, please feel free to share this with your hubby as a “Ahem” SUBTLE HINT! Or when you are at Kroger this week stock up on a few Kroger fresh ready-to-heat pizzas and Coca-Colas and plan your own night off when you need it the most!IMG_4274

It will do you a world of good!

Happy Night Off!!!!


Make sure you are signed up as a Kroger Loyalty Member DO IT NOW!!! It’s worth it!

Car Seat Safety Check Resource

Car Seat Safety Check Resource

This post is sponsored by Cars.com. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

There is a huge difference in shopping for a car when you don’t have kids and when you do. There are a lot of factors to consider every time your family grows. 

Top priority for my husband and I on our last car purchase?
Can you fit three carseats in a row?

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When you add little ones to your vehicle, it really makes a difference in the deciding factors for purchasing a vehicle, whether you are buy new or used.  Read more

Create a Mobile Homework Station

Create a Mobile Homework Station

Make homework time a cinch and create a mobile homework station complete with Goldfish® crackers for a snack!

Mobile Homework Station-8
My husband and I were just looking at the calendar this weekend and realized we are a MONTH away from school starting!!!

How did summer fly by so quickly? School supplies, backpacks, and all things Back-to-School are popping up everywhere. Soon the routines of the school year will need to be put back into place.

Mobile Homework Station-7
We have really enjoyed the summer, but I am determined to be prepared for the upcoming school year. With two in preschool, two in Kindergarten, a second grader and a fourth grader, I know I will need to be organized and ready to tackle before and after school routines.

Last year was slightly chaotic when it came to getting homework done. The boys were always scrambling looking for crayons, pencils, erasers, glue, and other supplies necessary for completing their assignments.

Mobile Homework Station-10
I don’t want to repeat that chaos. So I created this easy mobile homework station that can simple roll out of the closet to the table whenever homework time is ready.

It’s loaded with all the supplies they could need for homework assignments; down to their favorite Goldfish® for a snack while they work!

Mobile Homework Station-6
All you need to create a mobile homework station is a rolling cart, several small baskets or buckets, school supplies like markers, pencils, erasers, glue, etc… paper, and anything else that your child usually uses to complete his homework.

I like when things are clearly marked so the children have no excuse to put things back exactly where they are supposed to! I found some cute clips and labeled them with tape.

Mobile Homework Station-2
Now they can get out exactly what they need and put it back in the container they got it from and place it back on the cart with ease. No excuses for a mess!

Mobile Homework Station-15
I honestly love homework time most days!

It’s a great time to sit at the table with my kids and work closely with them. Asking them questions about their day, what they are learning, sharing our Goldfish® crackers, and telling jokes to each other. We have more than once fallen off chairs laughing from the silly things my kids say!

I feel ready to conquer the afternoon back to school routine with this homework station! It’s one more thing checked off the list and ready to create a great start to the new school year!

Mobile Homework Station-12
Happy Back to School,
Keikilani Read more