Three Bean Salad & Three Bean Quesadilla (Round 1 & Round 2)

I came up with this recipe on the fly because I needed an extra side dish. Dug into my pantry and what resulted was AWESOME! Try this Three Bean Salad. For the recipe click here. This was Round 1.

Three Bean Salad (11 of 12)

But then Round 2…

Turned the leftovers into a fabulous lunch and made a Three Bean & Cheese Quesadilla!

Three Bean Salad Round 2 (1 of 4)

Could this be an easier lunch???

Three Bean Salad Round 2 (2 of 4)

Quick too!

Three Bean Salad Round 2 (3 of 4)

And voila! Lunch is Served!

Three Bean Salad Round 2 (4 of 4)

Happy Eating!



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Easy Marinated Italian Grilled Chicken (Round One)

I am always looking for ways to get ahead when it comes to making meals for my family. One of the best pieces of advice I have received is this. If you are going to cook a simple meat, (chicken, pork, ground beef) make double what you need for the meal you are cooking for and morph the extra meat into a new dish the next day! I am already cooking. Might as well make double. Saves so much time and I know that a great meal for my family is just a few ingredients away in a very short time. I plan to share a some of these easy round one and two recipes with you!

This Marinated Italian Grilled Chicken recipe is so stinkin’ easy! But not only is it easy, it is so flavorful!

Here is the step by step. (Which is kinda silly since it is sooooo easy!)


Start with 14 Chicken Tenderloins in a large bowl. (Remember we are doubling the meat here for a second meal!)

Add pepper.

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