Apple Cinnamon & Cream IceBox Cake

Apple Cinnamon & Cream IceBox Cake


I love easy! Simple is my friend. No brainer is hard to beat when you are a busy momma. I am obsessed with simple foods that taste amazing and the kids go crazy over them!

This Apple Cinnamon & Cream Icebox Cake could not be more easy to assemble. The longest part is peeling apples and tossing them in a pot to simmer. It really will be a new favorite in your house! Read more

Caramel Apple Spice Cake

I am excited about all things Apple this month! I want to take advantage of all the lush bushels of apples piled high in the produce section! My boys love them too. I try to keep a bunch of small apples available for their little hands and mouth to snack on as much as they want. Although, I often find little teeth marks and half eaten apples in our apple basket. (Oh, Boy! Hehehehe)

Caramel Apple Spice Cake. Moist and flavorful. Tastes like you ordered it from a "Coffee Shop"

Inspired to by Apples, this Spice Cake is aaahhhh-maaaa-zzzziiiinnnggg!!!! Really, moist and is very much a Cafe-like treat! (Except I don’t have to pay $4 for one slice! I can eat it all!!! ~ or not…LOL)

Here is how you make it. Read more