3 Reasons to Teach your Kids to Garden this Spring

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There are so many reasons to teach your kids to garden this spring. Gardening is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to your children some amazing life lessons and skills. We made a stop at Home Depot for some plants and a Weed Zinger and got outside with all six kids to work in the yard. 

Teach your kids to garden with Weed Zinger

My kids are normal kids. They love their kindles and electronic game systems, movies, and tv shows as much as any other kid. They can easily spend hours a day sitting on their butts, staring at screens and expecting constant entertainment and instant downloads. 

I am totally okay with them using electronics both for learning and entertainment. It is more than likely that their generation will see some serious advances in technology that will blow my mind in the future. 

But, I also know, that while they stare at screens the world could be passing by and life skills and valuable lessons need to be learned from the outside world and hard work. 

Teach your kids to garden with Weed Zinger

As parents, we are taking initiative to showing our children by hands on examples both watching us and doing it themselves.

We are purposely spending time outdoors working in the garden and yard and letting the kids get completely muddy in the process! 

Teach your kids to garden with Weed Zinger

The reasons to teach your kids to garden this spring not only give them life lessons and skills, but it is an awesome opportunity to spend time together as a family. These are the lessons they can learn.

It’s Fun to Work!

Digging in the dirt, using your hands and tools can be a lot of fun! Work doesn’t always mean boring and frustrating. 

I encourage the kids to explore the textures of the dirt, look for worms in the soil, smell the flowers, and splash in the water as we work. 

Who cares if we get dirty?! We turn on the sprinklers at the end of the day and let them splash the mud away. 

Teach your kids to garden with Weed Zinger -3

It’s not as hard as you think to Work!

Kids associate chores as being hard and to time consuming. We totally squashed those thoughts when it comes to weeding the garden!

We purchased a Weed Zinger from Home Depot to make weeding a cinch!

No bending over or getting on your hands and knees is necessary with the Weed Zinger! 

The soil was soft and moist from a rain the day before, so the kids were able to easily use the Weed Zinger to help me pull up weeds from the roots out of our garden beds. 

Teach your kids to garden with Weed Zinger -10

The Weed Zinger grabs the weed by the root with a twist of the knob on the top. The kids loved launching the weed with the release button. 

The only problem we had was that there was just one Weed Zinger the we had to wait our turn to use it!

It’s Rewarding to Work!

Gardening is not instant results. It takes time to see the fruits of your labor. 

We have been checking on our little garden daily to see how our plants are growing. The kids get so excited when they see everything growing! 

I know they can’t wait to pick blueberries from our bushes and help me harvest herbs and veggies from our plants. It will be a huge reward for them when they are able to to eat the fruits of their hard work.

Teach your kids to garden with Weed Zinger

Getting the kids in the garden this Spring has shown results in their newfound appreciation for plants and desire to help with weeding and watering. 

We have started small this year with just a few herbs, veggies, and berry bushes. I think by next year we will be able to expand our garden even larger and allow the kids to pick out their favorite veggies to grow.

I am looking forward to using all of my fresh herbs in my recipes! Look for new recipes with basil, mint, and cilantro coming soon! 

I hope you are inspired to get in the garden with your children! 

Happy Gardening,

Reasons to teach your kids to garden

Tell Me: Do you have a garden? What is your favorite garden vegetable or herb?

Teaching A Dinosaur To Communicate

Ok. So I know some of you are reading this just to find out where you can get your very own dinosaur! Well, I am sorry. Dinosaurs seem to find you on their own. If perhaps you find one living with you unexpectedly, well, hopefully this little post will encourage you. Dinosaurs of course can be difficult to communicate with. All the Roaring and stomping around and bearing of teeth. It can be quite a task to figure out what your dinosaur needs and to teach him how to communicate what he wants.


Meet my little T-Rex. He is a full-blown baby dinosaur! Little arms and teeth. And, let me tell you, he has quite the “Roar”! (And Bite!) Communicating with this little dinosaur has been, well, challenging to say the least.


When you have a child that can’t speak yet, or can’t find the words they need to communicate, it can be frustrating for both you and your child. For almost a solid month all Jordan did was ROAR! And ROAR Loudly! And Often. And Long. I had a headache and he was exhausted. We just weren’t communicating. Actually, we were both communicating, but not in the same language.


One afternoon, I had had ENOUGH! There was only so much ROARING a mamma can take, so I decided to change my tactics and began Teaching My Dinosaur To Communicate.

This was not going to be an overnight task. It would be difficult. But sooooooooo worth it!

The first thing I did to help my Dinosaur to begin communicating in an appropriate way, was to Stop Roaring Back at Him! I mean, I wasn’t loud or yelling or anything, but I was kinda angry and frustrated with him and that was coming out of me when dealing with him. Speaking softly and encouraging him and being as patient as possible was the first step to my Dinosaur  learning that loud Roars were not the best and most efficient way to get mamma’s attention.

The second change I made was to start Roaring with him! (Huh? I thought you just said stop roaring???) Roaring and getting excited in a positive way! My dinosaur is a boy. He likes roaring. He wants to let it out! He HAS to let it out! So, I decided we better learn to a Happy ROAR. When we are excited or happy… That is a GREAT time to Roar! And boy, do we Roar LOUDLY!

Probably my biggest breakthrough with my dinosaur was discovering that he was a very tired dinosaur! Much of the loud and out of control roaring was a result of being tired! And hey, I’m a little hard to communicate with when I am tired! Pick up your communicating lesson after nap time…

It has been a journey teaching this little dino to communicate. He hasn’t arrived yet. He still is very much a dinosaur. His T-Rex nature often wins out. But understanding that when he is roaring loudly and out of control means that he is just trying to communicate, makes me so much more patient and willing to work the the Roars and help him find a new way to communicate.


What do you do to help your little Dinosaurs communicate?

Much Love,

The “Dinosoars” Mom


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Always Stop and Kiss the Boo-Boos

Yesterday morning I was busy. Busy emptying the dishwasher, changing diapers, getting breakfast, cleaning up breakfast, picking up toys, starting laundry, working on the computer, checking Facebook, picking up food off the floor, working on my giant “To Do” list, shushing obnoxious dogs, drinking cold coffee….

Ok. You get it. I was busy. Mom busy. That kind of busy that overtakes us as moms when we feel like the world is pressuring us to have a perfectly clean house, a balanced meal plan that has been organized for weeks, dinner started by 9am, your latest Pinterest project almost completed, and two hours of working out checked off the list! Sooo doable…


All while attempting to be the perfect Mommy and Wife, I was ignoring the very little people that actually make me a Mommy!

My little Jimmy Wray abruptly interrupted my busy mom routine by running into the kitchen crying. I am still not sure what happened. But he needed me to kiss his Boo-boo!

For a brief moment I was annoyed by the interruption. Frustrated that once again my children needed me to stop everything once again!

Ok. Tell me I’m a horrible, pathetic mommy! I admit it. I totally was distracted from the really important part of being a mommy. Actually, BEING A MOMMY!

One of the most wonderful things about children is they are so forgiving. They are quick to accept your hugs and kisses and attention and bask in the love you show them.


When I realized how distracted I had been that morning, I quickly got down on Jimmy’s level, kissed him gently on his Boo-boo, and held him to my chest and comforted him. In that moment, holding my sweet little boy, I allowed the pressures I had so foolishly placed on myself that morning fade away. In place, I determined to be aware of my babies at my feet. To sit on the floor and play with them and find myself relaxed and enjoying every smile, giggle and silly little antic their little minds create.

Do you ever have those kinds of mornings? Or maybe days? Am I the only one?

Let me encourage you mamma…. Don’t be too busy….You don’t have to be perfect…

Always Stop and Kiss the Boo-Boos.  Because all too soon, they will be grown up and I won’t be able to kiss away the owies.

What about you? How are you doing Mamma? Are you feeling the pressure? Feel free to vent to an imperfect Mommy!

Happy Baby Kissing,



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