Our New Favorite Wholesome Snack that Doubles as Breakfast

This post is sponsored by Nature’s Bakery. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

The countdown is ON! The start of school is merely days away. 

I have to admit I am READY for school to start and to get back to the daily routine that keeps us all a little more sane. 

This year all six of the kids will be packing lunches for school. Preschool through 5th grade! How did we make it this far already? 

With six kids packing lunches I am already stocking up and looking for our favorite easy to pack lunches and snacks. I am determined to stay away from the sugar loaded and empty calorie snacks. If I have learned one thing about packing school lunches, if I offer wholesome and satisfying choices to my children they will grab great choices every day!

We recently discovered Nature’s Bakery Stone Ground Whole Wheat Bars. And I have fallen in LOVE with them! Not only do I love them for the kids as a wholesome, satisfying snack made with real fruit & whole grains, but I really love them myself and have been tossing one in my bag for breakfast on-the-go. It’s easy to focus on the kids and getting them ready with everything they need, we mommas forget to make sure we have good snacks and breakfasts as well. 

I am big advocate for allowing your kids to pack their own school lunches. I have found that it not only gives them responsibility, but they also will eat what they pack for lunch. The children really feel empowered to make good choices and also feel proud of themselves and their independence. 

We created a little snack station in the pantry where they can choose the snacks they want for the day. I have a feeling that our Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars will be the first to disappear!

Happy Snacking,

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